Go Digital

In the age of self-driving cars and pocket-sized supercomputers, many organizations still print thousands of pages in preparation for a client, investor, or board meeting. Dead trees are a poor medium for communicating groundbreaking ideas. Paper-based processes are grossly inefficient. They offer few opportunities for organizational learning and idea sharing. Fortunately, with the growing popularity of mobile devices and secure cloud computing, we can finally break with the age-old tradition, go paperless, and realize immediate benefits.

Audience Engagement
The modern tablet or smartphone is a marvel that can be used to view content at the highest resolution, jump to any page in seconds, zoom to a tiniest detail, and take elaborate notes.
Team Productivity
If you ever had to make last minute changes and print a stack of handouts the night before an important meeting, you know the pain. Go digital and see your team's productivity soar.
Business Performance
Go digital, measure the level of audience engagement, evaluate the impact of your content, and improve the results. Eliminate all costs associated with printing.

Bank-Grade Security

Paperfin was engineered from the ground up for robust security.

  • Strong user authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Data encryption in flight and at rest
  • Protection and encryption of private notes
  • Mobile application security and management
  • Auditing and reporting
  • An on-premise deployment option

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No Training Required

If you know how to use pen and paper, you are a Paperfin expert.

We spent an enormous amount of time to fine-tune user experience to a point where a five-year-old could use it.

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Half the Budget - Twice the Impact

Do you know how much your team is spending on printing?

If we cannot help you achieve better business results with half of your printing budget, we shall not take your money.

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