Track Record of Innovation

Paperfin is brought to you by the same team that developed MightyMeeting, an innovative mobile collaboration platform. With MightyMeeting, users can store their rich media content in the cloud, access it anywhere on devices of any kind, and share it in real-time collaboration sessions with any number of people. MightyMeeting has over 100,000 registered presenters. Many of them work in finance.

MightyMeeting users in financial services asked for robust security and regulatory compliance. Giving their clients the ability to take private notes during a meeting was very important. Finally, our users in financial services wanted a solution that would give them complete confidence that it will work in the most demanding environment: no power, no Internet, no time to fiddle with Wi-Fi passwords and Mi-Fi hot spots.

Instead of tweaking MightyMeeting to address these requirements, we decided to develop a new solution with focus on financial services. And thus Paperfin was born.

We are headquartered on Long Island, miles from the heart of the financial services industry. Contact us to schedule a meeting.