Operational Efficiency

Years of cost cutting have lead to a productivity crisis in corporate and investment banking. Senior bankers are struggling to stay productive while spending most of their time on the road. Junior bankers are burning out while working late nights and weekends with tools that would make their grandfathers proud but fall far behind the apps that they use to communicate with their friends and family. The industry is finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain top talent.

Paperfin offers an effective solution to the problem. The solution relies on the latest advances in mobile and cloud computing to boost employee satisfaction and productivity while keeping costs and budgets under control.

Paperfin Benefits

Use the consolidated content repository to reduce the time and effort required to prepare investment pitchbooks. Accelerate content review and approval cycles.
Digital Delivery
Eliminate printing and generate significant savings in time and money. Turn every client and investor meeting into an engaging and interactive experience.
Automatically measure the level of audience engagement and use this knowledge to focus the effort and generate better business outcomes.