Effective and Efficient Communication

Dead trees are a bad medium for communicating groundbreaking ideas. Printing is very expensive. The bill for printing books for a single investor conference can run into tens of thousands of dollars. Even if one does printing in-house, this translates into hours of hard work and frustration. Content needs to be frozen weeks in advance. Correcting mistakes and making changes is prohibitively difficult.

By going digital with Paperfin, investor relations professionals can achieve greater impact and improve business agility at a fraction of the budget that they allocate for printing.

Paperfin Benefits

Use the secure content repository to collect, review, and approve content that will be published as part of the investor pitchbook. Make tweaks days before the conference.
Digital Delivery
Eliminate printing and generate significant savings in time and money. Enable people in the audience to take notes on their iPads while listening to the presenters.
Securely distribute private notes after the investor conference and measure the level of audience engagement. Use the insight to optimize content for the next event.