Turns client meetings into interactive experiences

Paperfin Mobile is a mobile application that is installed on a tablet and used to view and annotate content in a paperless meeting.

The application delivers exceptional experience in the most demanding environment. Just like paper, it works when there is no power or access to the Internet. Users can take notes and annotate content with drawings. These notes are kept private and secure, even when taken on a tablet that was provided by the meeting organizers.

Paperfin Mobile was designed to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of the modern professional tablets: high screen resolution, integration with a pen or stylus, and others. It also works very well on lower-end tablets.

Content Distribution

  • Push content to multiple tablets before the meeting
  • Manage content for multiple events on one device in isolation
  • Access content when the device is not connected to the Internet
  • Erase all content and notes after the meeting

Audience Engagement

  • Capture attendee contact information
  • Display content in high resolution
  • Zoom to a tiniest detail
  • Easily jump to any page in a document
  • Add text notes with help of the on-screen keyboard
  • Use finger, stylus, or Apple Pencil for drawing
  • Use notes as bookmarks to navigate in the document

Secure Escrow for Private Notes

  • Auto-upload private notes to Paperfin Vault
  • Email an individual password-protected link to each attendee
  • Render private notes in a secure browser session
  • Enable downloading of notes as annotated PDF documents